Yasser gamal
Operation manager

Yasser was educated in alexandria egypt where he received his unlimited master`s license from alexandria maritime academy in the city of alexandria.
He began his maritime career at avery young age ,which allowed him To accumulate extensive knowledge and experience in the maritime field industry, After some years as deck cadet and officer on board various type of vessels ro/ro container and tanker ships ,he moved to the oil field trade when he joined tide water Marine  in new orleanse lousiana united stated of america as chief officer On their boats performing rig move ,anchor handling.
In 1999 he moved to work for vela international marine ltd onboard their tanker ships  before transferring shore Side as operation manager of meesa.
Yasser solid background and vast experience in the shipping industry prompted him
To become operation manager of meesa .
Today yasser is one of meesa team member responsible for implementation of the company`s crewing, training ,shipping ,services based on high quality restricted system
Also providing expertise and guidance to meesa in matters involving Future marine industry. yasser resides presently in alexandria egypt.

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