MEESA coordinate with the Arab Academy to provide Tailor Courses specially designed according to the company's requirements and needs for off shore/on shore employees with highly competitive prices.

Sponsorship program

A program specially designed for Students who holds the same nationality as the principals and who have completed one year in the Arab Academy on their expense. A selection is made among these students ,Those who have the highest GPA and receives good recommendations from their tutors are chosen to be fully sponsored by the principals till they complete their academic studies, During this period students attend professional English courses to improve their language to enable them to communicate with foreigners and on their summer vacation they train on board the principals vessels as cadets to gain sea experience ,Meesa is responsible of providing a detailed report to the principals on their status, their academic development ,also responsible for covering the accommodation ,transportation , meals …etc , This program helps in creating a young loyal motivated crew who's well aware of their duties and responsibility and capable of serving &representing their company in a professional way.

Citizen Program

Selection of high school graduates from the principals country to attend certain classes at the Arab academy , then sign on the principals vessels then back to the academy to complete their study then back to sea service till they graduate as Oilers or AB ,then after spending certain time aboard the vessels they're promoted as 4/E OR 3/O

New Tanker Generation Program

After a close study to the market, we found that It is very hard to find junior officer /engineer with suitable tanker experience . Accordingly we designed this program to get over this obstacle, we select graduates from the Arab academy who have the highest GPA and have good command of English to sign on the principals vessels for 1 contract for six months With a salary of 500$/month If he proved that he is qualified and professional he can be promoted to be X 3/O OR X4/E.If he's not qualified then he sign off immediately . This program makes us overcome the shortage of tanker experienced crew and helps the principals in building their own staff of qualified crew.

Suez Canal Simulator Course

One of MEESA`s greatest achievements in the field of Maritime training is suggesting to create a special course enabling Masters and Chief officers to navigate through the Suez canal safely and to avoid any problems or accidents resulting from not knowing the nature of the area , on the 9th of January 2005, the first course was launched and made huge success and recognition among the maritime field.

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