• Meesa management staff has sea service experience more than 10 years which gives them more experience at understanding seamans lives and their needs.

  • Meesa has excellent relationship with the suez canal authority management which enables meesa to act and communicate on spot during urgent circumstances which surely saves alot of time and money to our ships owner.

    We also hold MLC 2006 (Maritime Labour Convention) as applicable to recruitment and placement services.

  • The main objective of our  company  is Customer Satisfaction. Consequently, the company received the ISO 9001:2008 which was issued by Lloyd's Register EMEA. Approval certificate no: 6011457.

  • Meesa has  more than 10 years  experience  in the Training field.

  • Due to our close business relationship with A.A.S.T, we are able to reserve any required courses or Special Courses at any time of the year without the need of following the Academy’s courses schedule.

  • MEESA has discount rates that can reach up to 50% on some courses that are to be held.

  • MEESA is very keen on following up on trainees in A.A.S.T and their lecturers  by sending MEESA representatives to mutually attend with the trainees some random courses that leads to better evaluation.

  • MEESA receives the trainees’s certificates once they are issued so they can join the ships as soon as possible without the need to wait until they receive their certificates which saves time& money for Vela Company.

  • MEESA helps to issue/renew the Certificate of Competency and tanker Endorsement from Port & Lighthouses Administration on behalf of the officer without any delay.

  • MEESA can solve  any problems that occur to any vessel passing through the Suez canal or through any Egyptian port suchas AinSukhna or SidiKreer.

  • MEESA Staff is stand by 24 hours to serve our principals on spot.

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